Portland Association of Teachers

The Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) is a union that represents teachers, counselors, and other professional educators employed in the Portland Public Schools.

We are affiliated with the Oregon Education Association and the National Education Association.

  • The PAT is an advocate for public education and for responsible and sensible policies and practices in education.
  • We represent approximately four thousand PPS employees in collective bargaining and in the enforcement of the rights and benefits acquired in bargaining. We also speak for them in administrative, political and legislative forums.
  • To gain PAT membership, you must complete an application form and return it to our office. Many benefits - including, for example, NEA Liability Insurance - are available only to members.
  • There are PAT representatives in every school in Portland. They will assist you with your membership application. They are also ready to help you with other problems that may arise in the course of your professional career in the Portland Public Schools. Get to know them!